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Welcome to the Forum

My name is Hanspeter Tschupp. I'm the administrator of this Forum and the creator of the Symphonic Organ that will be operated at the Westchase Music School in Tampa, FL. I'm a piano teacher at the school since 2013 and recently built a composer station, which student use to create their own songs. The Symphonic Organ is an extension of the Composer Workstation and allows both, real-time performance, improvisation as well as playing back of created songs with Finale.

I built my first electronic Organ around 1980 in Switzerland. It was a 3 manual Dr. Boehm construction-kit. Of course all analog technology. Since then I was involved in 4 more organ constructions with digital sampled sound building. As a former church organist I was always fascinated to reproduce a real pipe organ sound with electronic means. This was sufficient for having a practicing instrument but never satisfied my acoustic expectations to come close to the sound of a real pipe organ.

As technology advanced, sample quality and computer processing power was increased. It is now possible to reproduce a more realistic sound of a pipe organ. Moreover, there are also other musical samples available, such as the ones from the Vienna Symphonic Library, that allow to play solo instruments, ensembles or even a whole orchestra. There are no limits in virtual music production and the future will offer many more possibilities.

For example Hauptwerk. When I first used this software around 2010 there were only a few Sample Libraries available and I was proud to have 32GB of RAM on my advanced workstation. Today we have over 150 sample libraries available and computers offer 16 or more cores and 128GB of RAM.

The Symphonic Organ will offer students of our school to explore musical dreams in a way that was not possible before. Especially musicians that are also interested in technical aspects and are computer savvy will get their money's worth.

Feel free to post on this forum such as asking questions, share experiences or making suggestions.