Westchase Music School

The Westchase Music School provides musical instruction to students of all ages in the Greater Tampa Area. Our core efforts and focus are to provide the best educational services to our students. We provide year-round private music lesson programs that inspire students to do great in life.

Westchase Music School is one of the only music schools in the state to offer music theory workstations for students. The programs students use help them read music faster, learn their scales and chords faster, read rhythms more accurately, write their own music, and much more. The addition of the Composer Station to our Music Technology Lab has caused dozens of new students to come try it out and explore their creative side. Students who have never been exposed to music composition software are having a great time learning how to use it and unleash their creative side.

The Symphonic Organ Station will not only expand upon this, but it will also give students a chance to play and work with a real organ, something most students in a traditional music school setting may never get to do. Through the Hauptwerk software, which is the world’s leading virtual pipe organ software providing high-resolution audio and unparalleled flexibility, students have the opportunity to play an instrument that usually is only available in selected churches.

Westchase Music School

They will also get the chance to play and compose with the Vienna Symphonic Sample Library, a library of real sounds recorded and mastered by the Vienna Symphony itself. The Symphonic Organ station is our most highly-anticipated project yet, and we cannot wait to let our students enjoy the full benefits.

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